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What is the Nerky Net? The Nerky Net began when Mark started an email list of a few friends (some from growing up in Indiana, some from University of Chicago) ~ 8 years ago. The email network serves as a forum for discussion and keeping in touch. The group as a whole serves as an informal, but substantial, support network for the people involved. We were recently described as an urban tribe, and are still trying that on for size. Main interests seem to be camping, food, gaming, making art & music, entertainment, and computers.
How do I become a nerky?

If you found this site at random on the internet, you don't. This is not a self-submit, anonymous forum. You should look for that elsewhere on the web.
If you got here because you know a nerky and they sent you this reference, then you get selected by hanging out with other Nerkies, going to group events, and contributing time and expertise.
We had a period of rapid growth a few years ago which resulted in communication problems on the 'net. It has seemed like a good idea since then to only add people after they have made a demonstrated effort to get to know other nerkies.
Then there're secret indocrination ceremonies.
Any nerky should feel free to invite any non-nerky friend to nerky events, no strings attached. Maybe they'll get to know a lot of new people and get added to the list at some future date. Maybe they'll just have a good time and want to come back next year, but have no interest in the list. Maybe they'll quietly decline and inch toward the door.

Who are nerkies? Nerkidom isn't constrained by any particular demographic, but it does seem to help to have a sense of fun, responsibility, curiosity, sociability, and commitment.
What is the difference between the Nerky Net, CAN, Rileycon, and NASCRAG?

Nerky Net is as described above and consists mostly of personal friends.
CAN (Chicago Area Nerkies) and Rileycon are sublists which were created to take voluminous planning posts out of the inboxes of nerkies who had no interest. They also serve as a way to include non-nerkies in event planning, since nerky status isn't really required for either list.
NASCRAG (The National Society for Crazed Gamers) is a group of people who produce a three-round tournament every year for Gencon. Some nerkies belong to, or play in NASCRAG, but there is no formal connection between the two. There are non-gaming nerkies and NASCRAG judges who have never heard of the Nerky Net (or hadn't until recently).

Is this list censored? Not officially. You should use an email address which won't cause you trouble if it receives messages containing adult language or topics. We occasionally discuss things of questionable rating or taste (sex, politics, food). Use your own judgment.
How do I change my address on the listserve?

Ben is graciously hosting the nerkynet on his server, and occasionally emails out directions to everyone about how to make changes to the list. But if you can't find that email, just email John with the change that needs to be made and he'll take care of it for you.

Who is in charge of the Nerky Net? Lots of people. No one. It depends on who takes responsibility for what, and takes the time to do it. Different people take charge of coordinating different activities. The informal moderator is currently Marg.


1. NO SPAM (although people do still send some - it should either be very, very, very GOOD, or pertinent to an ongoing discussion.) ORIGINAL IS BEST
2. NO FLAME WARS Differing opinions are welcome (and interesting!) and should be expressed with a respect for others. Expect to present a well-thought argument if you're going to be controversial. Personal misunderstandings should be settled privately.
3. You SHOULD post: Party plans, personal milestones/updates, epiphanies, quandries which require brainstorming, interesting topics for discussion (recent political discussion has been very good), support, recommendations, weird dreams, funny bits, friendly banter
4. you SHOULD go: to at *least* one big nerkevent every year (Rut Camping/ RileyCon/ TubCon/ Art-in-Progress Party/ New Year's Eve/ Halloween...)