Rains of Life - Art in Progress Party 2002


Africa. Womb of mankind. Creator of concious life -
Precious life. Amazing! Beautiful! Inspiring!.
What priceless gift is this that we posess?
To think, to experience, to feel? A true gift...
...at times

My spirit, like the arid African savannah:
Not really alive, not quite dead.
Existing... hoping... waiting for the rains of life to come
So that it may flourish, however briefly
until the next drop of mana arrives.

The plateu of emotion:
Wide, endless... Flat.
Broken only by the occasional tall tree or,
more often, by gulleys eroded by the rivers of mana unclaimed -
the ground too parched to drink readily when offered.

All too often the inspiration of dreams arrive,
like great thunderheads rolling across the open plains;
Possessing such immesureable power and potential for change and greatness
But... ultimately... impotent.
Yielding only the sparks and noise of potential unrealized.

No mana.
No rains of life.

-Tymme Eekyeeky ptang Laun

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