The first Nerky Halloween party may have been in '93, the first year we had the house in Buffalo. But don't quote us on that. I've even got photos from most, but they are not scanned in.
Nerkoween 1993 At M&Ms
Nerkoween 1994 At M&Ms
Nerkoween 1995 ?
Nerkoween 1996 ? Does anyone remember which year we had this at our friend Patty's house?
Nerkoween 1997 ?
Nerkoween 1998 ?
Nerkoween 1999 At M&Ms
Nerkoween 2000 At M&Ms
Nerkoween 2001 At M&Ms
Nerkoween 2002

At Dan's, lots of pics.

Nerkoween 2003 At Dan's
Nerkoween 2004 At Dan's
Nerkoween 2005 At Dan's
Nerkoween 2006
At Dan's