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January 24, 2004:
Winter of Art-in-Progress Party

Even in January, we had to open windows to make the temperature in Anna's apartment tolerable for the record-breaking number of warm artistic bodies that attended (was it 30?  no time to count). So many people brought instruments this year that we decided to have all the musicians perform in a block at the end of the evening to cut down on the logistical difficulties of opening and closing instrument cases in a crowded room.  Prepared musical presentations were immediately followed by a sing along, with numerous able-fingered instrumentalists taking turns leading the crowd, using song sheets that they prepared in advance.

Non-Musical Art

Christine S. - knitting in progress (hat and scarf)
Debbie C. - short story excerpt
Laura - short story excerpt
Rebecca - short story excerpt
Sharon R. - short story headed for a physician's periodical
Mary Anne M. - "Flowers and Branches" - prose poem
Marg F. - "Woman in Bathtub" concept sketches
Frances C-S. - woven stuff
Reinhold S. - metal sculpture (tentative title, "Bad Hair Day") and metal chess set
John and Marg F's year-old sci-fi not-so-short story (excerpt)
Jessie V. - Pine Cones on the Mantle
Ruth S. - necklaces
Stephanie R. - paintings of Florida (acrylics)
Frank P. - ceramics made in Korea and ink portraits made at the party
Irene S. and Anna - 1st portion of Book 2 of The Adventures of Anti-Career Girl


Mary B. - song (1 part of a round)
Kyra A. - "Green Potatoes" (song in progress)
Ben C-S. - 20 seconds of banjo
Peter O. - "Step Right Up" (Interactive Art)
Tymme L. & Mark F.  - remote entry - recording of "Newry Town"
Mark F. - recording of "Apostrophe" (song in progress)
Dan B. - explanation of Accordion of Gold and songs

Friends & fans also in attendance included:  Gary S., Rochelle L., Dan P., Eric T., Mari P., Marc B.,


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