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January 29, 2005:
Mother of Art-in-Progress Party

Time Passes.  The artists get older.  But they have more art.  And some of them have bigger homes.  And are more pregnant.  And make art about that. 
This year's event was held at Irene & Gary's fabulous new home.  It had a fire burning in the fireplace but wasn't too hot.   Miraculous.  Also, this year we were graced with presentations by visiting artists from the east coast (Brad and Damon!), in addition to the Nashville contingent.  Goal for next year:  get Rose to come from far away Valparaiso.   [Is that the right town?]

Opening reading of Grace Paley's "The Poet's Occasional Alternative"
1.  Mark F. - "Let Me Be Your Lame Excuse" and home-brewed beer
2.  Dan B. w/back-up from Mark F. - "karaoke" performance (title?)
3.  Damon D. - slide show of new home and rewriting of Ouroborus story
4.  Christine S.- alpaca hat and scarf for baby
5.  Rachel H.- head sculpture
6.  Rachel' H's son-in-law George - photo of painting of fantasy woman
7.  Debbie C. - short story excerpt about an adjunct faculty member
8. Peter O. and Mary B. - 2 parts of a Really Old Timey Song
9.  Irene S. - Momdom comic
10.  Jen H. - guitar and singing - Janis Joplin cover?
11.  Anna and Irene - excerpts from The Adventures of Anti-Career Girl, Issue 2
12.  Brad - book excerpt - parody of Through the Lookingglass
13.  Paula K. - excerpt from All in My Head
14.  John L. - rat excerpt from the rat story
15.  Irene's friend - torch songs with guitar accompaniment
16.  Reinhold S. - metal sculpture
17. Marg F. - story jumping off from "Things Change" and letter rejecting "Things Change" with John
18.  Frances C.-S. - Ben paper doll (with multiple outfits)

Other attendees:  Sharon R., Michael S., Gary S., Marc B., Ruth S., Heather B., Jessie V., numerous others


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